March 25, 1915

The Seattle Press Club,

            Frank E. Roberts, Secretary.

Gentlemen and Friends:

            I have to-day been made the happy recipient of a sterling silver card signifying that I am an active, honorary life member of this exclusive and prosperous organization, and am so charmed and delighted at the honor thus conferred upon me as to be almost totally unable to express my sincere appreciation of the generosity and kindness which has prompted the club to include me in the list of those who have been singled out for this particular mark of your favor.

            It is nice to be remembered by one’s friends, and it is also nice to have friends by whom to be so pleasantly remembered, but when the  remembrance is coupled with so high an honor as this of which I am now the recipient, it makes me not only realize my own unworthiness, but demonstrates to me the wondrous breadth of that great mantle of charity which prompts one’s friends to overlook his faults and his frailties, and leads him to hope for the attainment of those qualities which may make him less unworthy of the respect and companionship of those whom he delights to term his friends.

            Again thanking you, one and all, I am

                                    Most sincerely yours,


                                                            [Signature of Walter Milnor]


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