Speaking of late snowfall...




   The year was 2001,  Santa, Mrs. Santa and the elves were beside themselves with worry. For they had toys and such to deliver to the good folks of Sheridan Lake, but alas, the snow was not deep enough to pull the sleigh through.

What to do! eh?

Who you going to call?




Brave souls stepped forward and realized that a snowdance must be performed, in front of the world and in the buff. The date was set, many came, dressed in only there tuques and boots. They danced in front of the camera, in front of the world. But alas misfortune struck. The picture was taken; but only there footsteps in the snow could be seen by the world, for their watches they left at home along with their clothes and they had danced and left before the snap of the picture. (It was taken on the top of the hour back in those days of dial-up). Heart broken and frozen they stared at their computer screens with disbelief at the footsteps in the snow.

The next day, only the hardiest of the good folk assembled once again, in front of the camera, in front of the world. Dancing in their tuques and boots, and then standing for what must have been an eternity in front of a silent camera, that gave no indication of it's actions. But this time the world, along with the snow-gods saw their conviction and favored them with snow.

It truly was a Christmas miracle what happened that year, and we owe it all to the Sheridan Lake Snow Dancers!

Merry Christmas to one and All

biblio: "The Guest Book" circa Dec 2001