"An Ode To Sheridan"


I've seen the beauty of nature

From prairies, to mountains, to sea.

Heard the song of the meadow lark

And the cry of the seagull free.


But if I had the gift of the

Artist's brush, I'd paint a sight serene -

Of crystal water at sunset,

Surrounded by evergreen.


A forest as far as the eye can see,

Appearing untouched by man -

Or off to the north one small green field

Where a doe may be seen to stand.


Or if I had the gift of music,

I'd put to a gentle tune

The quiet breeze on the water

And the plaintive cry of the loon.


Then if picture and song could be blended

There's only one spot it could make -

The beautiful Cariboo haven

That's known as Sheridan Lake.


Audrey K. Thompson

Thanks to Rita Siebert and Adina (Richert) Rosenau for making this poem available. 

And of course for Audrey, having the gift to put into words our thoughts so beautifully...

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